freshwater protein skimmer SWAT 160 freshwater protein skimmer Berlin 400
cleaned water
Abwasser aus dem Eiweiß - Abschäumer Teichwasserprobe High concentrated waste-water
Filter construction
Berlin 400				Item No.: 200 350 SWAT 160				Item No.: 200 350
FRESHWATER SKIMMER Our freshwater skimmers produce foam like a seawater skimmer!   The energy demand is very low, because we only need a pump that pumps high volume but small static head.      The skimmers combine three different filter-systems: biological, mechanical and chemical. The skimmer-principle is since many years  standard for seawater-systems. Our special construction allows now to skim proteins out of freshwater-systems as well.   Function:   An underpressure in front of the pump mixes air into the water. In this way a overpressure is generated in the upper part where the water flows  over our biological trickling filter material. A special milled the foam of the water and lead it out through the cap. The surface tension of the air-  bubbles attracts and concentrates dissolved particles like dirt, chemicals, dyes or algae, which results in the foam.   Benefits: - stabilization of pH - removes dyes, dissolved particles, proteins, etc. - rises oxygen level in the water - works directly and is not addicted to any bacteria - prevents diseases caused by bad water quality - increased effect by ozone   Technical Data (Subject to change!) Height: 120 cm, Ø 40 cm Water-supply: Ø 50 mm Water-effluent: Ø 110 mm Foam-effluent: Ø 63 mm Pump-capacity: 10.000 to 20.000 l/h Material: PE, weather-proof to -40° C airflow sensor inclusive air supply by an external air pump (not included) Weight: 32kg shipment: - Filter housing with filling - Water level indicator - effluent with flow through control - foam pipes 2 segments â 400 mm - airflow sensor - 2 Meter air tube Height: 755 mm  Pipe diameter: Ø 160 mm bottom plate: 175 mm x 175 mm Water-supply: Ø 25 mm Water-effluent: Ø 50 Foam-effluent: Ø 25 mm Pump-capacity: 1.500 to 5.000 l/h Minimum pump-pressure for venturi:  0,3 bar (3 Meter).
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