The customer will acknowledge the following Conditions of Supply and Payment by giving an order:  PAYMENT: Dispatch will be made cash on delivery net plus fee; only cash in advance in the case of haulage freight. Prices are in EURO including applicable VAT.  Goods will remain the property of ratz Aquakultur GmbH until they have been paid for in full. Promissory notes and checks will not be regarded as paid until they have been redeemed irrevocably. In the case that payment is delayed, ratz Aquakultur GmbH will be entitled to impose interest for late payment at a level of 2% above the current company discount rate. Illegitimate discount deductions will be claimed subsequently.  Without any special instructions from the customer, we shall send goods by the most cost-effective mode of dispatch. Added costs arising through dispatch preferences will be invoiced.  SUPPLY: Potential delivery times are only to be regarded as approximate and provisional.   We shall not undertake to pay compensation for damage caused by deliveries not made in good time. All dispatches are insured and travel at the risk and jeopardy of the recipient. The goods must be checked for damage during transport immediately at reception. Damage during transport is to be reported to ratz Aquakultur GmbH or the transport company within 24 hours.  Custom-made products will not be exchanged in any way. GUARANTEE:  We shall give a guarantee for all defects that have occurred through faults in the material or assembly.  The guarantee period for a product of ratz Aquakultur GmbH is 1 year from the date of purchase.  We pass the guarantee periods of supplier companies on from the date of purchase.  These comply with the legal regulations or the term that the company gives. Defects arising from improper treatment or external influences are excluded from guarantee.  We will not accept any liability for consequential damage. In the event of a default, the product must be sent back to the factory for testing in order to examine the damage and, if necessary, to give a replacement.  Transport costs arising will be borne by the purchaser.  Packages that reach us unstamped will not be accepted.  The place of performance is Remscheid, Germany. Remscheid will be agreed as the place of jurisdiction for both parties. 
Conditions of Supply and Payment  
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