NEWBUBBLE Our new air outlet is made of a special HDPE (high density polyethylene) and generates a never seen bubbling. Thereby it is extreme  tough and low maintenance! A special processing creates a pore size of 120µm on the outside. The pressure loss is with only 15mbar  half that of ceramic (30mbar) and less then 1/4 of membrane (~65mbar). So they work high-efficient and cost-saving!  cost-saving aeration - up to 25% less energy costs - - high airflow - - low pressure loss - - high oxygen input - - system compatible - - break-proof - - easy to install - - best chemical persistence - - can be used in sewage plants - - low maintenance - The material is resistant against all common chemical exposures in sewage plants, even strong-calcareous environments. They are  very tough and easy to handle.  Rinsing  Normally rinsing is not necessary on normal usage. If the aeration-rate is for a longer time lower then recommended you have to flush  it with a higher pressure of about 50Nm. In some cases under extreme conditions you can use formic acid. If possible you can also use  high-pressure cleaner to clean the newbubble air-outlets.  Technical Data (Subject to change!) Length   Air   Connector   Item No.:    80 mm   1000 l/h   1" Inside thread  300 80 160 mm    2000 l/h   1" Inside thread  300 160 250 mm     3000 l/h   1 1/2" Inside thread  300 250 400 mm     5000 l/h    1 1/2" Inside thread  300 400 Other length on request!  Ø whole Ø Aerator Air Connector Item No.: 260 mm 240 mm 9000 l/h 1 1/2’’ Inside thread 300 924 With the Air-Blower Europa from our partner Ebro Fish Farm we are able to offer you another high-  quality product. They are totally produced in Spain and not imported from Asia! Only so they can  satisfy our high demands on quality!  Sizes: Air: 40 - 318 m3/h max. pressure: 70 - 300 mbar optional accessory: Filter, pressure control valve, silencer Our OxygenTowers enrich the water with pure oxygen up to a saturation of 300%!  They work pressure less so you do not need much energy for the supply pump. Just put them in the  pipe from the filtration system back to the tank. Inside the tower is a ceramic disc which put extreme  fine bubbles of oxygen into the water. This create a large surface between water and oxygen and so  a lot of oxygen can get into the water in a very short time.  We produce it in different sizes for pipes of 63 to 110mm and a water flow up to 100m³ as standard,  but all other flows are possible. Please just ask! 
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