Biofilter The Biofilter plays a very important role for water purification. It is used to convert toxic Ammonia and Nitrite to Nitrate. This is done by bacteria  which find an ideal ground for settlement on the BT20 filling. The NewBubble aeration system brings the needed oxygen into the water and  cause a turbulent current inside the filter.  It is a pure biological filter and you should install a mechanical filter (drumfilter, fleecefilter, etc.) in front of the biofilter. You can also install  multiple biofilter one after another, if needed.  Technical Data (Subject to change!) Dimension: Length:   690 mm (plus ca. 120mm Sockets) Width:  490 mm Height:       720 mm Filling: BT20:         ~130 Liter, surface: ~85m2  purification rate: up to ca. 1.000g feed per day possible! others: on request (BT10, BT30, BT10-PE, ...) Fittings: Supply:         2 x 110 mm Effluent:        2 x 110 mm (others on request) Max. Flow through:   Standard:     30 cbm/h others: on request Others: Materials: PVC, PEHD Weight: ~ 55 kg Price: 695,-
Filter construction
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