sulphur-nitratefilter 250
sulphur-nitratefilter The sulphur-nitratefilter was developed to remove nitrate-compounds from sea- and freshwater-systems. The degree of efficiency is much higher then in traditional denitrification-units, so you need less space to achieve the same effort. Therefore  you don’t need an additional fertilizer to feed the bacteria. Those means less work and at the same time more safety and reliability!  Just connect the sulphur-nitratefilter via bypass to the pressure-pipe from the filtration-unit back to the aquaria. Connectors larger than 4 mm  are possible. The start-up period to an indicated value of 0mg/l lasts between 4 days and 4 weeks depending on your water parameters.  Our sulphur-nitratefilter is initial inoculated with bacteria !!! After the filter the water has a lower pH-value and should be led through a calcium carbonate-reactor to neutralize it. More infos about this exciting theme can be found on  “Tipps & Tricks” - “Der Schwefel-Nitratfilter” (Sorry, only in German)  Technical Data (Subject to change!) - Pipe:               Ø 250 mm Length:     750 mm Weight:          ca. 35 kg Filling:          ca. 20 Liter =  25 kg Connector:    Ø 16mm Flow: up to ca. 50 l/h Other sizes can be produced to your individual needs! Please contact us!
Filter construction
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