technische Zeichnung Spaltfilter - Spaltsieb
Rearview Frontview Gab filter are powerful and easy to clean coarse filter, which can be ideal used for pre-filtration and as mixing chamber. They are  exclusively produced for AquaLogistik.  Detailed information can be found on the webpage of AquaLogistik ( or tripond (  Technical Data (Subject to change!) Dimension: Length:   810 mm Width:  490 mm Height:       710 mm Gab width: standard:         300 µm others: on request fittings: supply:       3 x 110 mm effluent:      2 x 110 mm waste water:   1 x 50 mm Max. flow through: pump:         40 cbm/h gravity: 30 cbm/h Others: Materials: PEHD, PVC, stainless steel Weight: ~ 35 kg
Gab filter				Item No.: exclusive technische Zeichnung Spaltfilter - Spaltsieb Spaltsieb - Spaltfilter - Vorfilter
Gab filter
Filter construction
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