The next generation of random media! Our trickling filter material is used as surface enlargement and settlement space for bacteria. The main field of application is nitrification in special trickling-bed or moving-bed reactors. But it could be used for other applications where you need large surfaces as well! As materials we take PVC and HDPE. With a specific weight of 1,42 PVC is non-floating in water but with 0,96 HDPE is floating and can be  moved by air easily. So the choice depends on the application you need it for. To make sure that there are no contaminations we only  purchase our material from certified dealers from Germany. If you need other materials or specific weight please just ask. The roughness of the material leads to a real surface that is even larger than in our calculation and is optimal for bacterial settlement. Our elaborated production technique guarantees the length of the bars, on which we calculated the surfaces, and a good stability. Let us send you an offer! As we are the producer you will get no better price anywhere else!!
Trickling Filter Random Media
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