In our measuring cell you can install up to four sensors by a screw connection. The special  construction of the cell leads to an optimal incident flow to the sensors and a self-cleaning effect.  So you get higher durability for your sensors and minimal maintenance.  Diameter:   110mm supply/ effluent:  20mm diameter sensors:  12mm Tank Connectors for pond liner in differnt sizes. diameter:    40; 50; 63; 75; 90; 110; 125; 140; 160; 200; 250; 315; 400 mm Material: PVC grey screws: tapping screw DIN 7981; 4,2 x 19 bzw. 4,2 x 22  V2A This surface-skimmer is used for ponds and pools to remove swimming objects, like leaves, feed, etc., from the surface. The special construction allows the skimmer to adapt to different water levels. dimensions: 160 x 280 mm Material: PVC, Styropor Reduction to 110 mm pipe Item-No.: 1095 a
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